Should whistleblowers be financially rewarded?

Simon Coates

Money talks…. so begins an article in today’s FT by Gillian Tet. She argues for rewards for whistleblowers as the only way to uncover malpractice in the financial services sector (Finance must blow the whistle on foul pay).  Read More

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Banking pay reform: what’s coming up?

Felicity Gemson

Pay regulation was a recurrent theme in last week’s headlines. The Government announced that it is dropping its legal challenge to CRD IV bonus cap rules, confirming what most firms had expected – that the bonus cap is a reality. The Government’s chances of success before the ECJ had plummeted after the Advocate General resoundingly dismissed Read More

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Regulatory Requirements versus Employment Law – Corporate Challenges for Compliance

Hans-Peter Löw

In Europe companies in highly regulated sectors increasingly face contradictory orders by regulatory requirements and employment law. Here are some examples: • CRD IV requires a clawback of variable remuneration in case of subsequent misbehaviour. The German Federal Labour Court however does not allow the forfeiture or even clawback of remuneration based on events that Read More

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