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Supreme Court widens rights for same-sex couples

Andrew Cork

The Supreme Court has ruled in two cases on the issue of whether new legislation has retrospective effect on pension rights. One case covers same-sex couples. The other case looks at part-timers. The Court ruled that the restriction in UK legislation allowing a surviving civil partner’s pension rights to be based on the member’s pension Read More

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Difference – why we can all learn something from children

Sarah Henchoz

In difficult times it is quite often children who can put a smile on our faces with the very matter-of-fact way in which they view the world around them. While we are all struggling to make sense of recent tragic events triggered in many ways by difference, it provides some comfort and hope to see Read More

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Cupid plc – is it time for a relationship policy?

David Merlin-Jones

St Valentine’s Day: time to shower other halves with flowers, chocolates and other tokens of affection… all well and good after work is finished, but what about those with significant others sitting right next to them in the office? Personal relationships between employees do happen and, increasingly, employers have personal relationship policies in place to Read More

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2017 Employment Developments

Sheila Fahy

Normally, we like to predict the employment horizon for the coming year but after 2016, it seems foolhardy to do so. That said, our theme for 2017 is metamorphosis, although nobody knows what the transformation will look like. Read More

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Guerrilla Girls and Fisticuffs

Sheila Fahy

What is the world coming to? Guerrilla Girls, Feminist Fight Clubs and full-on initiatives to catapult women into the limelight and along the pipeline to serious senior positions. Whatever next? Wandering around the Tate Modern last week, I smiled wryly when I came across the posters by the Guerrilla Girls – a group of American Read More

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2016 – an exceptional year for women

Louise Skinner

2016 is the year that keeps on giving. For decades it has seemed acceptable for women to be absent from the boardroom and from within the ranks of senior management; and the gender pay gap was merely one of the vicissitudes of life. But now it seems that not a week goes by without new Read More

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Vexatious litigants and discrimination law

Karen Seward

Job applicants and discrimination One of the unique aspects of EU discrimination law is that its protection extends to job applicants even before they have set foot in the workplace. Not all job applicants know this, or indeed that they have the right to see their recruitment notes under data protection law. Read More

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