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More Women in Finance, More Women in all Organisations

Sarah Henchoz

What happens when you take a mix of people (both men and women) with industry experience and views, sit them at a circular dining table next to peers, and serve delicious food and wine? In a word “flow” happens. Read More

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Shareholder spring – rethinking remuneration

David Cummings

Remuneration voting in this AGM season has been eventful so far. Many FTSE 100 and 250 boards will be feeling slightly bruised after a series of “no” votes against pay and severance deals for their senior executives, echoing the pay revolts of 2012’s “shareholder spring”. Read More

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Financial sector pay reform: looking ahead

David Cummings

Pay regulation is a moving target – one thing gets crossed off your “to do” list but there are typically several more “to do’s” around the corner. It is the same story this year. Firms may be relieved to have 2016 arrangements in place (which for many PRA firms incorporate stricter deferral, vesting and clawback Read More

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Whistleblowing in Financial Services – Changes Proposed by the Regulators

Sheila Fahy

It will come as no surprise to regulated firms that changes are afoot with regard to whistleblowing. The critical need for robust whistleblowing arrangements that both encourage disclosures and protect those who speak out has been forcefully advocated by the likes of the Whistleblowing Commission, the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, the PRA and the Read More


Bonus caps: A view from the Netherlands

Floris van de Bult

The last two weeks have been exciting for bankers in the Netherlands. The bill cutting their bonuses to 20% of fixed pay was passed by the Dutch Lower House. Two days later, most fixed pay allowances, introduced by banks to mitigate the negative consequences of the CRDIV 100% bonus cap, were qualified by the European Read More

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Employee Privacy

Susana Ng

In recent years, stricter regulations are imposed to regulate financial, workplace and other issues. Facing the new regulatory regime, businesses – especially multinational corporates – have increased the importance of conducting independent, internal investigations. At the same time, there is a rising trend in businesses outsourcing their data centres elsewhere and adopting the “bring your Read More

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Going global with clawback

David Cummings

Everything is global these days. Brands and trends across popular culture “go global” like never before across the high streets, theatres, music venues and social media through Sydney, Hong Kong, Berlin, London, New York or Paris. Employers, too, are going global, as more and more companies with global reach want to move towards standard terms Read More

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