Policies and procedures

Cupid plc – is it time for a relationship policy?

David Merlin-Jones

St Valentine’s Day: time to shower other halves with flowers, chocolates and other tokens of affection… all well and good after work is finished, but what about those with significant others sitting right next to them in the office? Personal relationships between employees do happen and, increasingly, employers have personal relationship policies in place to Read More

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Green Paper, Green Pastures – Towards a brave new governance world

Sarah Henchoz

Big and bold. Those were the words that sprung to my mind when reading the Government’s ideas for ramping up corporate governance, unveiled in its Green Paper yesterday. The way ahead is wide open and consultation will determine where we end up, but there is no doubt that some have the potential to radically reshape Read More

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Employment Tribunal Updates

Rhiannon Bail

Although Employment Tribunals have had a bit of a makeover in recent years, particularly with the introduction of fees and Acas early conciliation, there have still been calls for more radical reform. Whilst the changes to date are seen to have caused a downward trend in the number of claims Read More

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Why turn up to work?

Robbie Sinclair

Travelling sardine-style on a packed train into Liverpool Street this morning – ironically, National Working from Home Day – I reflected on an interesting article in the newspaper. It reported that most city workers long to move to a more rural area and work from home, Read More

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A wider right to be accompanied?

Rhiannon Bail

An employee facing misconduct allegations or disciplinary action may feel strongly about having their chosen companion at an investigatory or disciplinary hearing. Is it a breach of the implied term of mutual trust and confidence to deny them their choice of companion? Yes, according to the High Court, reminding employers of the need to accommodate Read More

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Is the appraisal dead?

Karen Seward

I’ve been thinking lately about the annual appraisal and whether it is fit for purpose. Giants like GE and Accenture have already publicly abandoned them. They have taken the view that the cost and time involved can’t be justified as it doesn’t achieve the ultimate goal of achieving a high performance culture. Is there something Read More

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