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Employment tribunals – managing the collateral damage

David Merlin-Jones

In this blog, the third in a series regarding regulatory investigations and employment challenges, we discuss the need to manage the wider impact of an employment case that has gone all the way to a tribunal hearing and grabble with the consequences of these proceedings being open to the public. Employment tribunals can be a Read More

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Privacy – do employees have a right to it?

Sheila Fahy

Do employees have a right to privacy? Employees could be forgiven for thinking that they do not following recent headlines generated by the Barbulescu v Romania case, where the employer accessed private messages. This is a question that numerous friends and colleagues have asked me following recent headlines. Read More

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Regulatory Requirements versus Employment Law – Corporate Challenges for Compliance

Hans-Peter Löw

In Europe companies in highly regulated sectors increasingly face contradictory orders by regulatory requirements and employment law. Here are some examples: • CRD IV requires a clawback of variable remuneration in case of subsequent misbehaviour. The German Federal Labour Court however does not allow the forfeiture or even clawback of remuneration based on events that Read More

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Employee Privacy

Susana Ng

In recent years, stricter regulations are imposed to regulate financial, workplace and other issues. Facing the new regulatory regime, businesses – especially multinational corporates – have increased the importance of conducting independent, internal investigations.  At the same time, there is a rising trend in businesses outsourcing their data centres elsewhere and adopting the “bring your Read More

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