Lessons from Leicester

Sheila Fahy

Something rare happened last night. Millions and millions of people around the world celebrated the unprecedented success of a humble football team from the East Midlands. Even I – a supporter of the team whose failure to win Monday night’s match meant that Leicester City’s Premier League victory was guaranteed – join those celebrating this Read More

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East London Tribunal Updates

Rhiannon Bail

At its most recent user group meeting, the East London Employment Tribunal discussed the following forthcoming developments: Later this year judgments will be published online, rather than only being made available to third parties by application to Bury St Edmunds. This will make judgments much more widely and quickly accessible following issue and reinforces the Read More

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Cybersecurity and employee breaches

Michael Horrocks

Technological advances and growing connectivity have provided huge opportunities for companies, offering new ways of working and broadening their global reach. However, these developments have also brought new threats. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, widespread and disruptive; they represent a level of risk that is difficult to control and mitigate. In light of these Read More

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New UK regulatory references parked… for now

Sarah Hitchins

Last week, the FCA and the PRA announced that they have decided to park their proposals for new regulatory references. In the meantime, the regulators’ existing requirements relating to ‘old’ regulatory references will continue to apply for now. However, this will leave a significant gap in firms’ ability to gather information about prospective employees who Read More

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Zika – what are employers obligations?

Sarah Henchoz

Bird flu, SARs, Ebola and now the Zika virus – all terrible diseases with far-reaching consequences for those affected by them. But how does the latest outbreak of the Zika virus affect you as an employer? Clearly, you owe duties of care to your employees, which include not putting them in a situation that could result Read More

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