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Should whistleblowers be financially rewarded?

Simon Coates

Money talks…. so begins an article in today’s FT by Gillian Tet. She argues for rewards for whistleblowers as the only way to uncover malpractice in the financial services sector (Finance must blow the whistle on foul pay).  Read More

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A few Words on Whistleblowing

Hannah Gormley

Public Concern at Work has just published its analysis of Whistleblowing judgments between 2011-2013 as a way of establishing whether the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) is effective. Here are a few of the key takeaways coupled with our analysis on the report: Read More

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Whistleblowing in Financial Services – Changes Proposed by the Regulators

Sheila Fahy

It will come as no surprise to regulated firms that changes are afoot with regard to whistleblowing. The critical need for robust whistleblowing arrangements that both encourage disclosures and protect those who speak out has been forcefully advocated by the likes of the Whistleblowing Commission, the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards, the PRA and the Read More


Whistleblowing in a digital age

Sheila Fahy

Are employers missing a trick with whistleblowing? Sure, most employers have whistleblowing policies in place which provide guidance to staff on the procedures for making a protected disclosure and, mirroring the law, offer protection against retaliation for those who do blow the whistle. But, do employers really encourage their employees to “speak up”? Do employers Read More

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