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Bereavement – what employers can do to assist grieving staff

Abigail Holmes

Bereavement is likely to affect almost everyone during their working life, and can have overwhelming and debilitating effects on an employee. It is surprising then that there is very little law regulating this area, although there are developments on the horizon in relation to parental bereavement. Even so, there are many things an employer can Read More

Employee disciplinary investigations and criminal/regulatory investigations

Robbie Sinclair

Multi-dimensional misconduct When an employee is involved in serious misconduct such as a sexual assault, theft or financial impropriety, it is important to have sight of the bigger picture. If the misconduct has criminal or regulatory implications, does the employer’s internal disciplinary process have to be parked or can it run in parallel with third Read More

A workplace culture reminiscent of roses

Sheila Fahy

Call me old-fashioned, but there is something about roses that ticks every garden box for me. Extrovert, intoxicating, diverse. In the front garden, I have grown a hedge of Wild Eric roses, which – even if I say so myself – is stunning. As people pass by, they almost always stop to admire them and Read More

The long arm of whistleblowing – expatriate claims

Sarah Henchoz

In a global workplace and with global impetus for their cause, it is no surprise that those who speak up are pushing jurisdictional boundaries to seek maximum protection and to cast the liability net as widely as possible. But can employees seconded abroad sue co-workers in an Employment Tribunal where they suffer detriment abroad? The Read More

Minds matter, so let’s talk about mental health

Sheila Fahy

In Mental Health Awareness Week, talking about depression is a good place to start. A chap at work – I don’t know him personally – has been telling everyone on our intranet site that he has suffered from depression and anxiety for years. He kept it secret though from work colleagues and friends, and only Read More

Equal Pay Audits – is ignorance bliss?

Rachel Reeves

2018 was the first year in which employers with more than 250 employees had to report on their pay data. The purpose was to highlight gender pay gaps showing the difference between the average pay of men versus women. If women occupy more of the less-well paid roles and fewer of the better-paid roles in Read More

More leadership lessons from horse trainers

Robbie Sinclair

Almost a year ago I blogged about finding leadership inspiration from the horse trainer, Willie Mullins. When one of his star performers, Paul Townsend, messed up by riding dangerously and lost a race he should have won, Mullins did not lose faith in his jockey. Far from it. Townsend was back in the saddle riding, Read More