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Check your privilege

David Merlin-Jones

In this blog, the second in a series regarding regulatory investigations and employment challenges, we discuss legal privilege (as a reminder, this protects all communications between a legal adviser and their client, and prevents their disclosure without the client’s permission). Read More

Guerrilla Girls and Fisticuffs

Sheila Fahy

What is the world coming to? Guerrilla Girls, Feminist Fight Clubs and full-on initiatives to catapult women into the limelight and along the pipeline to serious senior positions. Whatever next? Wandering around the Tate Modern last week, I smiled wryly when I came across the posters by the Guerrilla Girls – a group of American Read More

Equal pay – this time it’s private

David Palmer

Last week the much anticipated employment tribunal judgment arrived in the Asda equal pay litigation (Brierley and others v Asda Stores Limited). Read More

Regulatory investigations and employment challenges

Louise Skinner

Conflicting priorities In this blog, the first of a series regarding regulatory investigations and employment challenges, I discuss the need to balance competing priorities – how can firms meet global regulators’ expectations in terms of assertively addressing employee misconduct while also following the very employee-friendly, process-driven, employment law framework. Employee conduct will be at the Read More

Notifying the FCA of conduct rule breaches and disciplinary action

Robbie Sinclair

It is now time to make the first annual report to the FCA on conduct rule breaches where disciplinary action was taken or commenced between 7 March and 3 August 2016. This must be done in the reporting window, which opened yesterday and closes on 31 October 2016. Read More

Whistleblowing in financial services

Karen Seward

Are you prepared for the new whistleblowing regime, which becomes active next week on 7 September? It is designed to impose cultural change so that individuals feel encouraged to raise concerns, and feel safe following a disclosure. Read More

2016 – an exceptional year for women

Louise Skinner

2016 is the year that keeps on giving. For decades it has seemed acceptable for women to be absent from the boardroom and from within the ranks of senior management; and the gender pay gap was merely one of the vicissitudes of life. But now it seems that not a week goes by without new Read More