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The four risks compensation reporting poses for global businesses

Brian Jebb and Sarah Henchoz

The world has become increasingly focused on closing the pay gap and as a result we’ve seen regulation around compensation reporting gain momentum. Despite encouragement from the government and regulatory agencies to increase transparency where compensation reporting is concerned, few have followed through on putting penalties into practice when corporations fail to make progress in Read More

Oh my goodness…Wow…In your life have you ever seen anything like that?

Robbie Sinclair

There’s no way I could let Tiger Woods’ Masters achievement pass without a blog connecting it to the workplace. There are so many correlations but the one I want to focus on is creating a culture where success is celebrated. All too often, there is an emphasis on negative or developmental points, even if couched Read More

Absenteeism, presenteeism, leavism – are these isms part of your culture?

Katherine Fennell

As the employment team launch the Culture Campaign, and as part of Stress Awareness Month, a news story about workplace mental health issues caught my attention. The story highlighted the rise in employees across the board suffering from mental health issues as a result of expectations (actual or perceived) placed on them to be available Read More

April is Stress Awareness Month

Sarah Henchoz

Workplace stress statistics are staggering. Did you know that stress, depression and anxiety accounts for 44% of work-related ill health and 57% of working days lost in 2017/18? Workload, lack of managerial support, interpersonal relationships and organisational change are the main causes, and its prevalence is higher amongst women and greater in large employers. Professional Read More

Is it necessary to conduct a disciplinary investigation when there is sufficient evidence available from another source?

Sarah Henchoz

This was the question for the EAT in Radia v Jefferies International, a financial services case in which an employer substituted the findings of an employment tribunal for an investigation, and then went on to use this as the basis for the dismissal. The EAT ruled that relying on the employment tribunal findings as a Read More

Navigating workplace culture in a new era

Robbie Sinclair

Few issues have risen to prominence as rapidly as workplace culture. While a healthy corporate culture may always have been aspirational, we are now in a new era. Priorities have shifted. Stakeholders – from regulators to shareholders, employees to job candidates – are doing their due diligence because received wisdom says that the success and Read More

Celebrating women

Robbie Sinclair

As a man surrounded by phenomenal women I feel very fortunate. Whichever way I look, I see powerhouses of talent: from my wife Amy, to my PA Ellie, to my bosses Sarah and Karen and my female clients,who are too numerous to mention. As International Women’s Day 2019 approaches, I want to celebrate the many Read More