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Increased workers’ rights in the United States?

Brian Jebb

In the U.S., labor laws give employers a substantial amount of flexibility and American employers look at some of the European laws giving individual workers and works’ councils substantial power with concern. Now we are less than one year away from a federal election, could the tide be turning? Some of the policy proposals from Read More

Gender Equality and Culture: Be the Change

Rachel Reeves

My 11-year old daughter was one of only two girls when she took part in the MCC Cricket Academy at Lord’s cricket ground during half-term but, even so, it made me realise just how far we have come. I am encouraged and reassured that for her generation there are no barriers and believe that, whatever Read More

Professor Green and me

Abigail Tulino

I have always been a big fan. I’ve seen him on stage and in nightclubs. He even travels with me in the car as I listen to “I Need You Tonight” over and over and over again. And then he turns up at my workplace. My workplace! I was so excited that I had booked Read More

Black man in a hoody

Sheila Fahy

I was curious. As I entered the foyer at work this morning, the first thing I saw was a black man in a hoodie. The second thing I saw was the person. This man’s name is Ade Ahamadu, a financial services project manager and co-founder of McJonathan. His photo is joined by 55 other black Read More

Please can I have a pay rise?

Sheila Fahy

What are the chances of me asking my boss for a pay rise? Low. That’s because I am a woman, and women are less likely to ask for pay rises, with 27% saying that they have never asked for one. Compare this with men who often relish the discussion, with a fifth having these conversations Read More

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Robbie Sinclair

Baby Loss Awareness Week starts today – a time for bereaved parents to commemorate their babies lives, however short, and for those who have not experienced it to try to understand what it means to lose a baby. As someone who has been through the loss myself, it is a period of utter devastation and Read More

“I’m fine”

Sarah Henchoz

Pretty much every conversation I have starts with a variation of: “Hi, how are you?”; response: “I’m fine”. We can’t all be fine all of the time, can we? Or maybe we can if what we are referring to is the F.I.N.E acronym… With World Mental Health day approaching, my immediate thought was what can Read More