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Women on top – celebrating #SuccessfulWomen

Sarah Henchoz

Getting women into senior positions is commercially savvy. Nowadays this is the received wisdom from the great and the good. Even last week’s report from the House of Commons Treasury Committee on Women in Finance cited McKinsey evidence from their report Diversity Matters of the “statistically significant relationship between a more diverse leadership team and Read More

The 2018 FIFA World Cup – are you ready?

Robbie Sinclair

With the countdown to the World Cup in Russia this summer already well underway (it kicks off on Thursday 14 June 2018), now is the time for employers to consider the impact that a four-week showpiece international football event may have on the workplace. Are you ready? History tells us that staff morale and interest Read More

Leadership lessons from horse trainers

Robbie Sinclair

It’s funny from where we take our inspiration. As an Irishman, I am keen on horse racing, but I surprised even myself this week when a horse trainer taught me an unexpected lesson about leadership. This week is Ireland’s final race meeting of the year. Who will be champion trainer? Everyone is talking about the fierce Read More

Post-punk, the youth and anti-discrimination

Sheila Fahy

Always aspiring to be young at heart, I went to see one of Britain’s most exciting bands, Shame, last night. They were all the things you should be when you are 20-something: rebellious, angry, provocative and thrilling. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the midst of such frenetic energy so I held onto Read More

PILONs: Taxing times

Felicity Gemson

When planning to make termination payments to departing employees, you’ll need to build in extra steps, and potentially extra budget, to comply with new tax changes. Get yourself a strong cuppa – and a calculator – in readiness for this whistle-stop tour of the key points. PILONs may cost more Under the new rules, all Read More

The FCA talks tough on diversity – a sign of its approach to fitness and propriety?

Sarah Henchoz

We are often asked by clients to what extent the FCA would consider employees who have been found to have acted in a discriminatory and/or bullying manner to no longer be considered fit and proper; whether these issues form reportable concerns to the FCA, do they amount to conduct rule breaches and, of course, do Read More

Why can’t it be the same for the woman?

Robbie Sinclair

Imagine a woman returning from maternity leave to be told that she can do the same job but due to her absence she has lost her seniority status and all the benefits that went along with it. Unthinkable! But that is how it works in the world of tennis. Take 23-time Grand Slam winner, Serena Read More