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Are employers liable when an employee goes off on a frolic of his own?

Poppy Kevelighan

Away from Covid-19-related workplace issues, there has been some good news for employers in the Supreme Court’s recent decision in WM Morrison Supermarkets plc (Morrisons). In a data protection case, the court reversed the decisions of the lower courts, holding that Morrisons was not vicariously liable for a data breach perpetrated by a disgruntled employee.  Read More

Will workplace reintegration be more complex than the lockdown?

Sarah Henchoz

It is fair to say that the last few weeks have been challenging; for the purposes of this blog I am talking only from a workforce planning perspective, recognising that, for many, the challenges have been far greater professionally and personally. We have all had to quickly get acquainted with very new concepts (who had Read More

Delay to IR35 reforms: FAQs

Rachel Reeves

Planned changes to IR35 (or the ‘off-payroll working rules’) in the private sector will be delayed until 6 April 2021, the Government has announced, to relieve pressure in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. This will be welcome news for clients (engaging contractors via personal service companies or ‘PSCs’), agencies and contractors who are not Read More

Unprecedented or disruption?

Sheila Fahy

It seems that everything in a post-Covid-19 world is “unprecedented”. It’s a word that makes lawyers uncomfortable as we like to assess problems and make decisions on the basis of precedent – what has gone before. But things have changed now, the new world is turning what we knew upside down, and the only thing Read More

Hot stuff – International Women’s Day 2020

Sheila Fahy

I was in a cab the other day, and in the course of chitchat I discovered that my driver’s other job was a firefighter. My interest piqued. Everything you ever wanted to know about fire safety in the home was extracted from him within a few miles. Satisfied that I had a lengthy to-do list, Read More

Coronavirus – challenging us to think differently

Sarah Henchoz

Ever the optimist and in an attempt to distract myself from the constant stream of worrying press reports on the Coronavirus, I have found myself finding a possible silver-lining to the current situation. This week, I am part of the team assessing our new partner candidates. This is one of the most important things we Read More

Changes to written particulars of employment from 6 April 2020

Kalila Bolton

Are you ready for the changes to written particulars of employment which must be given to new recruits from 6 April 2020? Implementing proposals from the government’s Good Work Plan, the new rules form part of the Government’s reform proposals on employment status to ensure that workers know from day one what rights they are Read More