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Difficult conversations in the workplace

Melanie Arnold

Nobody likes delivering difficult messages in the workplace. Why would anyone relish discussing poor performance, personal hygiene or personality clashes? This is why line managers often procrastinate and the conversation never happens or it takes place too late to be meaningful. As a manager I have learnt that if these issues are not tackled in Read More

It’s Time to Talk but it’s also time to Stop, Look & Listen

Sarah Henchoz

It’s Time to Talk but it’s also time to Stop, Look & Listen Today is Time to Talk day. I am not one who usually needs any encouragement to talk but what I often need to remind myself is that in order to really talk to someone you also need to listen. I have therefore Read More

Liam Neeson – villain or hero?

Sheila Fahy

Since yesterday, I have been in a quandary as to how I feel about this issue. Was Liam Neeson to be commended for acknowledging his inappropriate racist outburst when as a young man he discovered a close friend had been raped by a black man? Or is he to be shunned, and his new film Read More


Melanie Arnold

#10yearchallenge It is fascinating to see what difference a decade makes. It is not surprising then, that the #10yearchallenge (where users post two photos of themselves 10 years apart) is currently trending on both social and traditional media. Ten years ago I was a new mum, navigating my way through the minefield that is parenting. Read More

Reform of Income Tax in France: One Month Left to Comply with New Obligations

Claire Toumieux

After 60 years of fierce debate, France has eventually decided to reform its income tax system and shift the burden of income tax collection from the State to employers, thus aligning itself with all other EU Member States and most Western countries. As of 1 January 2019, employers will thus be under an obligation to Read More

Serena got it right – sort of…

Robbie Sinclair

The evidence speaks for itself. Serena was right when she told the world that women have been treated less favourably than men on the tennis court. They have. Her mistake was to use her position, her frustration, and her under performance to make this point. She would have been better off to accept the initial Read More

Holiday pay – Summer Update

Felicity Gemson

It’s that time of year when many will be taking a break, jetting off to sunny climes or enjoying the sunshine at home. We take stock of what’s been happening – and of changes ahead – that may impact your holiday pay bill and calculations. We have also updated our guidance Holiday pay – where Read More