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Black man in a hoody

Sheila Fahy

I was curious. As I entered the foyer at work this morning, the first thing I saw was a black man in a hoodie. The second thing I saw was the person. This man’s name is Ade Ahamadu, a financial services project manager and co-founder of McJonathan. His photo is joined by 55 other black Read More

Please can I have a pay rise?

Sheila Fahy

What are the chances of me asking my boss for a pay rise? Low. That’s because I am a woman, and women are less likely to ask for pay rises, with 27% saying that they have never asked for one. Compare this with men who often relish the discussion, with a fifth having these conversations Read More

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Robbie Sinclair

Baby Loss Awareness Week starts today – a time for bereaved parents to commemorate their babies lives, however short, and for those who have not experienced it to try to understand what it means to lose a baby. As someone who has been through the loss myself, it is a period of utter devastation and Read More

“I’m fine”

Sarah Henchoz

Pretty much every conversation I have starts with a variation of: “Hi, how are you?”; response: “I’m fine”. We can’t all be fine all of the time, can we? Or maybe we can if what we are referring to is the F.I.N.E acronym… With World Mental Health day approaching, my immediate thought was what can Read More

#metoopay campaign

Sarah Henchoz

It is often said that it takes a woman to get a difficult job done. Imagine what 117 of this country’s most senior women could do if they came together to do one job. I’m not talking about solving the Brexit-stalemate, but (and some might say, more importantly) getting equal pay for women. And today Read More

Sleep: part of the wellbeing matrix

Sam Webb

Traditionally, employee workplace health issues have been couched in terms of health and safety at work, and the employer’s duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of its employees. While the law remains the same, in recent years the language and focus have changed and softened. The emphasis now is on the importance of Read More

Clowning around at disciplinary hearings – how far does the right to a companion go?

Kate Dew

We are often asked to advise whether a lawyer or parent can attend disciplinary hearings but we have never come across a clown acting as a companion. According to the New Zealand Herald, an employee hired a clown to take as a companion to his redundancy meeting, who proceeded to make animal balloons during the Read More