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Supreme Court widens rights for same-sex couples

Andrew Cork

The Supreme Court has ruled in two cases on the issue of whether new legislation has retrospective effect on pension rights. One case covers same-sex couples. The other case looks at part-timers. The Court ruled that the restriction in UK legislation allowing a surviving civil partner’s pension rights to be based on the member’s pension Read More

It’s a dog’s life – introducing workplace paw-ternity leave

Sheila Fahy

It’s funny how attitudes change over time. The majority of employers are now happy to support pregnant women and those on maternity leave, as well as agreeing that the statutory rights underpinning these are reasonable and easy to implement. The same statement could not have been said with any confidence two or three decades ago. Read More

Whistleblowing and the meaning of “in the public interest”

Charlie Bowden

For a whistleblower to claim protection, the disclosure must be made in the reasonable belief that it is in the public interest. This may sound obvious as the name of the implementing legislation is the Public Interest Disclosure Act, but up until July 2013 workers were able to gain protection even if the disclosure related Read More

Gender pay gap – managing the message

Sarah Henchoz

I suspect there are many companies out there who would be thrilled if their gender pay gap was as low as the BBC’s 10% – eight points below the national average. A week ago, it was almost impossible to drum up any enthusiasm about pay parity but now just about everyone has a view on Read More

The Wimbledon Champion and the Doctor

Sheila Fahy

The problem with stereotypes about people is that the preconceived notions upon which they are based may inform important decision-making. Yes, there may be an element of “truth” in the assumption that physical and mental ability deteriorates with age, or women make the best carers, or doctors (of the time-travelling variety) are men. Read More

A29 Working Party Opinion on Data Processing at Work

Nigel Parker

The boundaries between work and home are increasingly blurred. This means employee monitoring activities can inadvertently extend to monitoring employees in a private context. The Article 29 Working Party recently published a new opinion concerning data processing at work. It covers a wide range of topics, including the processing of employee data on social media Read More

Salary history questions may be prohibited in the USA

Brian Jebb

A new law recently enacted in New York City prohibits private and public employers from asking about an applicant’s salary and benefits history during the hiring process. The law, which comes into effect on October 31, 2017, also prohibits prospective employers from contacting the current and former employers of the applicant to ask about his/her Read More