Second half of 2016 − Employment Developments

Sheila Fahy

If the first half of 2016 looked relatively calm in terms of employment developments, the second half can only be described as uncertain. Strategic decisions are being parked by both Government and businesses until the outcome of the EU Referendum is known. Once decided, employers will be in a better position to plan for the future.employment

That said, there are numerous developments impacting on employment practice which continue to require thought, planning and resources. For those in the financial services sector, the implementation date for the Senior Manager regime has passed, but it is only now that the really difficult questions have surfaced. Similarly, with the Certification regime much work is being done behind the scenes to support the passing of the regulatory baton from the PRA/FCA to the firms in respect of Certified Persons and Code Staff. The Women in Finance Charter has been generally well-received, but nevertheless requires attention from the top and engagement from a wide population to make a difference.

Women are centre stage for all sectors thanks to the Gender Pay Gap Reporting requirements. Most employers are number crunching and assessing their offering to redress the gender balance and any pay disparity. The problem won’t change overnight, which means the solutions should not be short-term fixes but instead measures that will deliver results over time.

Few risks have risen as quickly up the boardroom agenda as cybersecurity, and the message being passed down is that employees are the first line of defence.

To help you stay ahead of developments, we have prepared a calendar covering the next six months (hard copies available on request).

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